Interested in carrying our product in your store? We love partnering with like minded retailers globally!

After more than a decade of designing fashion accessories for huge companies, our founder created Solar Eclipse to bring high quality, affordable vegan accessories to independent retailers and small businesses. She’s recruited the world’s leading suppliers of the best hair accessories, vegan leather bags + jewelry to produce Solar Eclipse's exclusive designs, so YOU can access the best in fashion.

Solar Eclipse is available in over 600 retailers in the United States and our retail partners love our high-quality, stylish products that sell out every time. As a new, female-led brand, every retailer partnership means the world to us, and we would be honored to work with you.

Solar Eclipse is available for wholesale on Faire, Abound, Bulletin and FashionGo! 


We've partnered with Faire to offer you $100 off your first order, free global shipping for a year, net 60 day terms and free returns for risk free buying. 

Faire: https://solareclipse.faire.com


We've partnered with FashionGo to offer you $100 off your first order!

FashionGo: https://www.fashiongo.net/solareclipse/sign-up


We've partnered with Abound to offer you $200 credit, free shipping for a year, net terms and free returns for risk free buying.

Abound: https://helloabound.com/invite/solareclipsestyle


We've partnered with Bulletin to offer you $150 off your first order of at least $300 with code PARTNER150, and net 60 day terms.

Bulletin: https://bulletin.co/wholesale-retail/buyer?brandId=06ae9f48-d24b-47bd-a126-28389af1d3ba


Email us - we'd love to help! hello@solareclipsestyle.com