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How December's Solar Eclipse Can Change Your 2021

december 2020

It’s finally the end of 2020, arguably the craziest year in modern history, and even though we’re ready for this year to wind down, the planetary energy is revving up.


Monday December 14 brings us a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Solar Eclipses are heightened New Moons, which are known for initiating new beginnings. To harness the New Moon energy & manifest your destiny in 2021, now is the time to set intentions and own your future.


While Monday's Total Eclipse is definitely the main event, we also have Mercury helping us pay attention to details, and later in the week, we have Jupiter and Saturn both moving into Aquarius. The energy is palpable, and now is the perfect time to show up and create the 2021 you deserve.


So what do you want out of life next year? This is a deep, philosophical question but that’s exactly what a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will force us to think about. Find out what this means for your sun (or rising) sign to discover what area of your life is being highlighted by this Solar Eclipse.


march 21 - april 19

Has life been leading you on a hunt for deeper meaning? At this point, you could teach a course on “How to Survive Being a Human” and that’s exactly the kind of energy the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is bringing into your life. You have something to say that can teach others. Let your story be heard, and do it with zero shame. 2021 is your year to lead & inspire.


april 20 - may 20

This Solar Eclipse is pushing you to decide what belongs to you and what belongs to others. There’s an imbalance in your life - use the Eclipse's energy to restore your center. Feel safe enough to release that which isn’t yours. You don’t have to carry it all, and now is the time to let go of 2020 baggage, and embrace your new year.


may 21 - june 20

With the Solar Eclipse taking place in your opposite sign, you’re probably going through a new beginning in your one-on-one relationships and partnerships. No worries if you’re completely single, this is the perfect time to deepen and strengthen your relationship with yourself. Make a commitment to show up for yourself today & use the Eclipse's energy to create the relationships you desire! If you are coupled up, your relationship could reach a new level of commitment in 2021, if you’re willing to put in the work.


june 21 - july 22

Is your daily routine working for you? With this eclipse highlighting your health, routines, and daily structures, it’s time to think about how you move through your day and how you’re moving through life. What does your day look like when you’re feeling good and how does your routine differ on the not-so-good days? We are living in a new reality and it’s time to adjust accordingly! Use the Eclipse's energy to create the routine you desire for the new year.


july 23 - august 22

Love, passion, hobbies, creativity... all things that are front and center for you during the final eclipse of 2020. Is there a hobby that sat on the back-burner this year? Focus on your passions and everything else in your life will fall into place. This eclipse is the perfect time to set intentions around making your passion a main part of your life in 2021. Yes, you have a money-making hobby that you’re hiding and we all want to see it!


august 23 - september 22

What does “home” mean to you? Do you feel at home in your current living situation, or is someone or something missing? Use the energy from this eclipse to set intentions around creating a relaxed vibe. Your home needs to be a calming place, otherwise, anxious energy will leak into every aspect of your life. If you don’t know where to begin, look into Feng Shui or create a space for meditation and reflection.


september 23 - october 22

It’s very likely that you’re dealing with a blocked throat chakra at the moment or in a situation where the communication is lacking. This week’s Solar Eclipse is begging you to let it all out. Have that tough conversation. Profess your undying love for someone. Open up and share that creative project you’ve been so secretive about. You’ll be surprised to find out how many people are rooting for you. Everyone has been waiting for this moment.


october 23 - november 21

This eclipse is pushing you to focus on your personal security. What makes you feel secure? Is it money and possessions, or something more abstract? It could be time to let go of something. Set aside time to think about what makes you feel truly secure. And remember, the only thing that can never be taken, lives within you.


november 22 - december 21

This eclipse is about reinventing yourself, you will never be the same. All you have to do is show up. Use the Eclipse's energy for honest & deep introspection. How you have been approaching life up in 2020 and how do you want to change in 2021? What’s been working and what hasn’t worked? Be real with yourself. It is okay to take up space & it's okay to ask for what you need.


december 22 - january 19

What secrets are you hiding from yourself? What habits do you need to let go of? The upcoming Solar Eclipse is shining its light on your inner shadows and repressed feelings. Push past the discomfort and take control of your life because what you start now can have a huge impact when it comes to building wealth over the next couple of years. Take whatever lump of coal you’ve been hiding and turn that baby into a diamond.


january 20 - february 18

This eclipse is forcing you to focus on who you associate with, your friends, and the organizations you belong to. Where do you stand within your group? Do you fit in? It could be time to “level up” and that’s okay. Shift your focus towards the people and associations that support your dreams and ambitions. Drop the people who want to bring you down because right now, the universe is begging you to let yourself shine. When you shine your light, you’ll start to attract your tribe.


february 19 - march 20

This month’s Solar Eclipse is putting a spotlight on your career and how the world sees you. How do you want to be known? Let go of any limiting beliefs and instead focus on your ability to manifest the life and career that you desire. You can be whoever you choose to be. You just have to choose!

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