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kadi s.

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📍 based in - salt lake city, utah

"I am most proud of who far I've come in life, being a first generation to graduate high school and attend college and being a child of an immigrant."

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women inspiring women

All the women whose voices don't get to be heard because of aduse, sexual violence, and rape - they all inspire me to be strong in my own skin, be phenomenally and unapologetically ME! And they inspire me to stand up with them and be proud to be a WOMXN.


finding joy

Buying myself presents and friends and family!

women are everything

I celebrate who I am in the moment by being myself and telling myself everything's going to be okay by God's will.

day in my life

Waking up at 9 a.m and writing my morning thoughts, goals and achievements down in my journal for 15 minutes. After, getting on my phone to reply to emails, then getting up to fix my bed and doing my morning yoga for 30 minutes. Then, heading downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. I usually like to make myself some homemade croissant with Nutella inside and some chè. After I head upstairs to brush my teeth and hop in the shower. At last, I respond to more emails, check assignments which I do for 3 hours finishing up at least 6 or more assignments. Around 4, my mom and I go to the farmers market to get a few things that we need to cook dinner. After dinner, my mom and I usually have a movie night and then I head upstairs to brush my teeth, watch a few episodes of my K-Dramas while light up a candle (I've been loving a show called 'Start Up').

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we are obsessed with creating sustainable fashion & designing beautiful accessories that bring joy.

we create everything to enhance your self expression & unique beauty.

our styles are made from premium, cruelty-free materials including our signature vegan leather & vegan faux fur.

our packaging is plastic-free & 100% recyclable.

our styles are designed in australia.

solar eclipse is

created by women, for women

the world tells women "you're not enough".
we believe women are everything.