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solar eclipse muse

jayden m.

star sign - libra

📍 based in - orlando, florida

"I think the biggest way to celebrate life is through art. both in making your own art and by living through others, no matter the medium. that’s why people blast loud music, or bring first dates to movies, or even have cake on their birthday. I love to experience what art other people can make."

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finding joy

I am such a comfort person. I love scented candles, throw blankets, and soft sweaters. there’s no place better than curled up with all of them and a cup of coffee while watching your favorite movies.


day in my life

I love to take lots of time getting ready with a morning routine and checking in with myself before I get started on the days tasks. whether it be a fulfilling day at work, or a day full of exploring things the exciting things to do in central Florida. every day feels different to me, but I remember to be grateful to the constant people in my life- my family, my friends, my boyfriend, and my connection with God.

women inspiring women

being a performer in an ever changing world, I’m inspired by the female creators who were pioneers in breaking the glass ceilings in male dominated fields such as animation or storytelling. like Mary Blair, who helped bring the story of Walt Disney’s Cinderella to life - or Millicent Patrick, who was creatively responsible for doing special effects in Creature of the Black Lagoon- even Carrie Fisher, who completely changed the archetype for female characters in one of the biggest Hollywood franchises at just 19 years old.

women are everything

I am proud of the woman I’ve grown to become today. Though my life has had its struggles and adversaries, I think that the strength and the kindness I’ve learned to carry myself with are my proudest asset. Building a life and a platform is something I’ll always consider a blessing.

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