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"My favourite reward to myself lately has been getting up extra early no matter what to make myself a delicious coffee and play a show while I get ready. I can spend as much time as I need and it's been great to start my day with self care and relaxation."

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finding joy

Vintage clothing mixed with sportswear, Thai food, and wiener dogs brings me joy!


women inspiring women

The most inspiring woman to me is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Against all odds, she constantly fights for human rights, kindness, and equality for everyone.

women are everything

I'm proud of my partner and I. We left a religion that our families were extremely invested in and decided to live our lives how we want to!

day in my life

I'm currently in college studying fashion design, so I typically start my day with zoom calls and school work. After that, I will go over to my local vintage store that I work for to create instagram content. I love to end almost every day with a movie (probably from the early 2000's) and kettle corn!

my favorites

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Vegan. Sustainable. Cruelty-Free

we are obsessed with creating sustainable fashion & designing beautiful accessories that bring joy.

we create everything to enhance your self expression & unique beauty.

our styles are made from premium, cruelty-free materials including our signature vegan leather & vegan faux fur.

our packaging is plastic-free & 100% recyclable.

our styles are designed in australia.

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created by women, for women

the world tells women "you're not enough".
we believe women are everything.