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solar eclipse muse

ashley c.

star sign - libra

📍 based in - azusa, california

"I celebrate myself by doing what I love which is going to school, filming and taking pictures. Every photo is a beautiful memory ."

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finding joy

The things that bring me joy is spending time with my amazing family. Another thing that brings me joy is making other people happy and helping them as well.


day in my life

In my life, I wake up and go to school to become a nurse. After school, I go to work, and then I spend time with my family then work on homework.

women inspiring women

A woman who inspires me is my mom. She inspires me by her hard work, determination and dedication. I wish to be just like my mom. She's the best!

women are everything

I am most proud of everything I have accomplished in the past 4 years and starting my modelling career. I am also proud of being able to have a modelling career and go to school at the same time.

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