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✨ star sign - pisces

πŸ“ based in - houston, texas

"I don't need to change myself in order to be accepted by anyone."

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finding joy

The things that bring me most joy are spending time with my family and my boyfriend, listening to music and playing my guitar or piano, writing, and drawing!


proud to be

Recently, I got an intership and then won a writing contest that the same program hosted. I'm so proud of that because I had just recently switched my major to Creative Writing and so I feel like I'm finally in the right environment and where I want to be.

women inspiring women

I think for a long time a woman that I found inspires me is Tori Kelly. She makes me feel like I don't need to change myself in order to be accepted by anyone, and she's overall such a sweetheart.

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we are obsessed with creating sustainable fashion & designing beautiful accessories that bring joy.

we create everything to enhance your self expression & unique beauty.

our styles are made from premium, cruelty-free materials including our signature vegan leather & vegan faux fur.

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the world tells women "you're not enough".
we believe women are everything.