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"I try to maintain positive self talk and remind myself of all the things I am grateful for. Taking a moment to truly reflect on how lucky you are can be a huge mood booster!"

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finding joy

Simple things in life bring me joy, like taking a walk, cooking a good meal, a good glass of wine, and my cats.


day in my life

Spending time with myself, my boyfriend and our two cat daughters. Getting my steps in, and finding beauty in the simple things.

women inspiring women

I am proud of how much nicer and understanding I have become with myself. I used to be extremely hard on myself when it came to a lot of things, and in the last few years I have learned to be kinder and to speak kinder to myself.

women are everything

My mother inspires me because she did not come from much, but she ended up with a home, two children, a marriage that has lasted 27 years, and a lot of love in her life.

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the world tells women "you're not enough".
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