Solar Eclipse Bracelet aries | aquamarine crystal gemstone bracelet
Solar Eclipse Bracelet aries | aquamarine crystal gemstone bracelet
Aries | Aquamarine 10 Carat Crystal Bracelet
Solar Eclipse Bracelet aries | aquamarine crystal gemstone bracelet
Solar Eclipse Bracelet aries | aquamarine crystal gemstone bracelet

Aries | Aquamarine 10 Carat Crystal Bracelet

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aquamarine for aries

wear for: peace + cleansing + tolerance + communication

aquamarine is known as a stone of inner peace; for millennia its deep connection with water has been revered for cleansing negativity, anger & stress, bringing closure & rejuvenation.

it is celebrated for encouraging tolerance of oneself & others. aquamarine is known as a stone of empowerment, enhancing intuition & logic. 

it's said to restore the throat chakra, clearing the channel with the heart chakra and helping you freely & honestly communicate.

chakras & connections

more than an engraved symbol or one-style-fits-all piece, your crystal bracelet will become your powerful personal talisman

zodiac - aries
chakra - throat chakra, heart chakra
planet - neptune
element - water

wearing aquamarine crystal gemstones on your skin enables a constant flow of energy to mind, body & spirit.

each piece is one-of-a-kind and individual to you.

description & details

our bracelets are handcrafted in our artisan studios. 
this style features 3mm faceted sphere cut aquamarine crystal gemstones. 

we include:

  • signature plastic-free bamboo jewelry box
  • crystal cards, cleaning cloth, care instructions
  • flexible fit
  • 7" interior
  • snap-proof stretch cord

our pieces are carefully crafted from natural crystal gemstones & pvd-coated surgical steel which will not oxidize or discolor. each beaded jewelry piece is hand strung from the highest quality crystals that are cut from natural mineral sources - natural color and size may vary slightly. care for your crystals by avoiding exposure to hairsprays, scents, sweat, water and chemicals. 

our crystals + materials

 crystal gemstones

all of our crystals are genuine mineral stones that are highly valued for their beauty and healing powers. each piece is one-of-a-kind and completely individual to you.

 carats, cut + crystals

we are committed to offering you the best quality. our prices are based on three factors: the raw crystal gemstones, the carats and the complexity of the stone cut.

14k Yellow Gold Vermeil treasure not consume

our crystal jewelry is sourced from nature to be treasured, not consumed. each piece is ethically handcrafted and our packaging is 100% recyclable & plastic-free.


"My healing crystal bracelet helps with stress + anxiety. All I know is after 2020, I wear it every single day" - Cherie K.


"Finally I can wear healing crystal jewelry that
works with my minimalist aesthetic"
Rachel M.


"Look what arrived today, I can't believe how amazing they are, Solar Eclipse is my new obsession"
Valentina P.

Reasons to Love Our Crystals


We only recommend crystals that are matched to your individual zodiac + needs.


Our versatile healing crystal jewelry is designed to be worn all day, everyday, with its effortless minimal style.


Each piece of jewelry is handmade and an individual work of art; no two pieces are the same.

bonus gift

bamboo jewelry box


"My newest favorite jewelry obsession. It's the perfect way to add a personalized touch to my daily bracelet stack"
Ashley B.


"Wearing crystals is like tapping into this ancient wisdom that can help with your everyday life.
It's been a game-changer
Kelly B.


"I could never wear healing crystal jewelry because I couldn't style it with my minimalist aesthetic... until now!"
Rebecca K.

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